~The Life & Times of Jezebel the English Bulldog~

Jezebel the all painted up English bulldog is sweet as can be and has a stubborn streak a country mile wide. She loves to nap, chew flip flops, eat grass, torment bull frogs, run to the neighbor's house wide open, eat, eat, eat, play with her big box of toys, chase sticks, sniff any and everything possible, ride with the windows down with her head and tongue out, eat, eat, eat, meet daddy in the driveway after work, share bubby's things, petting from anyone, stalking strangers as they come out of stores, chomp ice and eat, eat, eat. She can do a few tricks, only if treats are involved and she does check to be sure there's a treat involved. We can't help but smile or laugh at everything she does. We hope you enjoy The Life & Times of Jezebel the English Bulldog as well.